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Author Note for The Evelyn Blake Diaries

I wrote this big ol' note and then ff.net told me I couldn't post it.  Don't want to be guilty of fanfic sins!  I'm putting it here instead (I doubt anyone cares; I have exactly one reader as far as I can tell).


On the dates:


They don't quite match those in Emily Climbs.


There, on September 20, 19 Emily's diary states:  “. . it's a Friday night and I couldn't go home for the week-end.”

If it's Friday on September 20, that means it must be 1901, 1908, or 1912. We can rule out anything prior to 1901 because the book is clearly established as taking place in the twentieth century, and we can safely rule out 1912 because that would put Emily's senior year smack in the middle of the Great War-- and, airy spirit though she may be, I expect she would have noticed.


On October 20, 19-- (a month later), Emily writes that “yesterday was my Sunday in Shrewsbury,” making Sunday October 19. But in 1901 and 1908, October 19 fell on a Saturday. This was the entry on which I based my decision to begin the Evelyn Blake diaries in 1902 (largely because 1909 didn't suit an Emily sequel I was planning). It was the first date clearly linked to a day of the week that I noticed when I was going through the book. But it appears the dates are not consistent in Emily Climbs.


On November 30 of the same year, she writes that Andrew was over that night and Andrew always comes on a Friday. November 30 falls on a Sunday in 1902 and on Saturday in 1901.


After that, there are almost no markers. The next year, April 28 is a “blue Monday,” meaning the year must now be 1903 (fitting the Evelyn Blake timeline), but December 9, implied to be a Friday by the visitation of the Andrew, would be a Wednesday if that were the case.


It's possible that the inconsistencies were deliberately created in order to keep the date vague. Emily's is, after all, kind of a lost golden age for LMM by 1925-- “the olden years before the world turned upside down.” But I have chosen 1902 for Evelyn's Junior year of high school, and I would ask the reader to assume that any inconsistency between the dates used here and those used by Emily are the result of Emily's free time being sparse-- suppose she wrote down the date, was called away by Aunt Ruth to wash the Precious Moments figurines or something, and didn't get back to her diary for another three or four days. Of course it's very Evelyn-like to blame Emily for the situation, but there you are.


Author out!


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