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What I've Finished Reading

Not much! It's invoice season at work so my attention has been all over the place.

No Highway was great, though. I thought I really should mind that the unkempt crank engineer should have attracted not one but two women whose new life's dream is to wash his dishes and look after his little girl, or how hard the "absent-minded scientists need A WOMAN to look after all that tedious housekeeping," thing gets leaned on in general but it would be a lie, or anyway I only "minded" in the most abstract way. In practice, I liked how everyone turned up to help out once they realized the extent to which Mr. Honey was both useful as an engineer and a total shambles as a father. It did get to be a bit self-congratulatory by the end, but the Reindeer tail fatigue plot was fascinating and damn it, I was happy to see Elspeth getting some decent clothes and books that are about kids having adventures in the countryside instead of pyramid prophecies.

What I'm Reading Now

I like We so far. It has something new to me: it's a dystopia with a really likable POV guy. D-503 doesn't know he's living in a dystopia, because why would he? His beautiful spaceship is about to be completed, and the United State has called on all its Numbers to pay tribute to it, so here he is, ready to rhapsodize as best he can for the unknown benighted civilizations of the heavens, who might (he reflects) be a little like his own distant ancestors.

We was published in 1924, and Metropolis came out in 1927; I don't know if We influenced Metropolis or if they were both just riffing on the same Taylor Time-Motion zeitgeist, but they have a very similar feeling.

The Long Goodbye just keeps getting better.

What makes a man stay with it nobody knows. You don't get rich, you don't often have much fun. Sometimes you get beaten up or shot or tossed into the jailhouse. Once in a long while you get dead. Every other month you decide to give it up and find some sensible occupation while you can still walk without shaking your head. Then the door buzzer rings and you open the inner door to the waiting room and there stands a new face with a new problem, a new load of grief, and a small piece of money.
"Come in, Mr. Thingummy. What can I do for you?"
There must be a reason.

I don't know, Philip Marlowe! Your guess is as good as mine.

What I Plan to Read Next

It's all up in the air! Too many emails, probably.


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Apr. 7th, 2016 12:33 pm (UTC)
What I Plan to Read Next

It's all up in the air! Too many emails, probably.

Bwhahahahaaaa!! I feel you!

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