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Chapter 46: Pot-pourri

The odd spelling comes from Emily Climbs, of course. Like that chapter, it's a bunch of diary entries together. In this case, most of them deal with (or refuse to deal with) winter exams. The description of the fluttering emo curtain is likewise plucked from canon, see Ch. 1 of Emily of New Moon (page 7 in my yellow-and-black Bantam Books edition of May 1983).

While I was writing Chapter 46, I checked the Harper's archives just for fun, and what do you think I found? A selection from "The Little Past" by Josephine Preston Peabody! I don't know which poems from the collection were in Harper's in Dec. 1903, because I can't afford their subscription fee right now, but I can afford Google Books, and they have the illustrations and everything. If you secretly love early twentieth century magazine poetry, you will love this! And some of the poems are really very good, once you get past your Modernist prejudices. "The"Little Side-Streets" is a pretty intelligent depiction of poverty as seen through the eyes of a well-fed child whose parents probably made her wear buttoned boots to school.

The poem quoted by Evelyn is called "Wind," and I love it. It's like an ultra-mournful version of Emily's Wind Woman.

Part of Josephine Preston Peabody's diary is available online-- or it used to be; I can't seem to find it anymore-- and was one of my models for Evelyn, so naturally I was excited to run across her work in Harper's, even if I couldn't read it in Harper's due to my current state of genteel poverty.

The French, as you could probably guess from context, is Charles Baudelaire, "A Voyage to Cythera," a poem which is full of whimsical and horrible birds.


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