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Apparently, Fanfiction.net does not allow hyphens in chapter titles? I'm not sure I understand that policy.

Today, I found myself trying to explain the pilot episode of Emily of New Moon: The TV Series to someone who had neither seen it nor read the books. "So the Emily books are kind of like Anne of Green Gables, but darker, so the producers were like, 'Let's take this opportunity to put in all the gritty realism that the books hint at without actually including.' So the first thing they did was introduce a Native character, except it turned out he was a horrible stereotype, and then Emily moves away and never sees him again, but not before he thanks her profusely for being his best friend and teaching him the Wonderful Half Moon And Stick White Person Writing. So actually they might have been better off sticking with a cast of clannish Scottish Presbyterians and incidental Comic Frenchmen like in the books. And then in the next episode, Charles Dickens turns up as a ghost, so there goes your gritty realism anyway."

I'm reading an excellent book about the early history of magazine advertising, The Adman in the Parlor by Ellen Gruber Garvey, and the Great Rollings Reliable Debacle in Anne of the Island gets a mention in its discussion of advertising story contests. What it doesn't mention is that Montgomery sort of uses the Rollings Reliable Baking Powder Incident to drive the final nail into the coffin of what we totally all thought was going to be Anne's writing career until Paul "Earth Wesley Crusher" Irving showed up and made her feel all inadequate to the task (despite being made up entirely of authorial fantasy and dubious myths of childhood) in Anne of Avonlea. In real life, ad-story contests played a significant role in the development of a whole slew of writers of roughly Anne's age group (Edna St. Vincent Millay, whom I've always thought of as a sort of privileged alt-universe Anne, won twenty of them without seeming to suffer any pangs of conscience). I wonder if there's a paper in there somewhere.

N.B.: I may be misrepresenting Paul Irving slightly. I do hate him and his entire story arc (and the twins) with a rare abundance.


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