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Monday is the Thing With Murders

What I've Finished Reading

I wanted to like Blood Red Turns Dollar Green a lot better than I did, in the end. The author's method of withholding information was confusing about as often as it was suspenseful, but the real problem is that I never got why Lenny was so invested in being a wrestling insider that he kept screwing over his family and his wallet and his blood vessels, and taking abuse from everyone and their grandmother within the organization. I think I expected something more like Seabiscuit, where the sport is sleazy and dangerous but you can't help rooting for the guys anyway because they've worked so hard and they care about it so much. I'm not sure why that didn't happen here, except that it's a hard balance to strike.

There is one scene toward the beginning that really does capture the batshit excitement and theatricality of pro wrestling: when Ade, the asshole boss' widow, steps into the ring for the first time to white-night her champion and takes a shocking punch from an erstwhile babyface. Then the book moves on to other characters who are mostly less interesting than Ade.

Plain Murder by C. S. Forester: a very strange book in a way - I guess it would technically be categorized as a "thriller," since there's no mystery about who did the murders. It's suspenseful but not grisly. It winds up being the story of [Spoiler!]a lone wolf forced to Take the Law into his Own Hands, though really it didn't have to be and the wolf in question puts a lot of people in danger while he's figuring out what to do. The lone wolf is also a very un-wolf-like, petty and perpetually put-upon lowest-rung white-collar worker at an advertising agency, which makes him a little more interesting than the rogue cop type. I think normally I'd be wary of this kind of story, but here it works surprisingly well.

What I'm Reading Now

Mourned on Sunday by Helen Reilly. Nora fell in love with Roger a few years after she married George as an inexperienced teenager. Roger begged her to get a divorce and run away with him, but that didn't seem fair, so she moved to California with George instead. Now George is dead, but Roger hasn't answered Nora's letter about it, so what can she do but show up at his family's place and hope to run into him? Unfortunately for both of them, Roger never got the letter and has just married a local girl he doesn't care about all that much. Now the shoe is on the other foot! Is that how that phrase works? It's possible that the girl's mother, Alice, threw out Nora's letter when she picked up the mail so that Roger wouldn't be tempted into infidelity or canceling the wedding. Did she? We don't know, because Roger offers to confront her about it and the next thing we know Alice is dead - suffered an attack of vertigo and fell through a tenth-story window onto someone's benefit gala. Was it an accident? I hope so! You can't just go around murdering people for revenge! Besides, Sylvia the new bride is still alive, so it doesn't even save you the trouble of filing for divorce.

All of this happens in Chapter One, so who knows what's next? By the end of the book half the state of New York could be dead.

What I Plan to Read Next

It's Christie time again! Or will be soonish. So Peril at End House and The Thirteen Problems.


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Mar. 27th, 2017 03:48 pm (UTC)
Lol:) I thought your 'Mourned of Sunday' summary was the whole book apart from the last chapter, until I got to the end! The wrestling book sounds a crushing and neck locking disappointment.
Mar. 27th, 2017 04:14 pm (UTC)
Helen Reilly wastes no time getting people killed!
Mar. 27th, 2017 04:33 pm (UTC)
All of this happens in Chapter One, so who knows what's next? By the end of the book half the state of New York could be dead.

They don't hang about!
Mar. 27th, 2017 10:10 pm (UTC)
You can't accuse this book of taking too long to get to the murder part, that's for sure. The next couple of chapters are just as packed with incident. We've got to slow down sometime so there can be an investigation, I assume? But why should I assume?
Mar. 29th, 2017 09:30 am (UTC)
There was quite a lot I liked about Peril at End House (though none of it was that title) so will be interested to hear what you think.
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