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Oh, darn. I am going to have to scrap my Woman Suffrage sub-subplot, or at least rewrite it significantly in light of the complete absence of a women's suffrage movement in the Canadian Maritimes** during this time period. Seriously, Catherine Lyle Cleverdon, author of Woman Suffrage Movement in Canada (1950), aka the ONLY Canada-specific book on the subject acknowledged by the university library catalog, found zero evidence of anything even remotely resembling WS agitation on PEI between 1899-1913-- maybe because the Women's Christian Temperance Union, the main driver of The Suffrage Issue in Canada between 1890-1910, scored an early victory with PEI's ban on alcohol sales and decided to rest on its wholesome laurels for a bit. Even the plucky St. John Enfranchisement Association were pressured to withdraw from the local Council of Women in 1903 because no one wanted to talk about the vote, and did basically nothing from 1904-1907.

Things picked up a little around 1908; in 1909, the St. John E.A. brought a suffrage bill to the legislative house in Fredericton and were met with sexually-charged derision, sarcastic panic, and bells clanging at them until they left. It's possible that a paper or two was delivered on the subject of Woman's Duty to Raise the Moral Character of Government, and if cranky spinster aunts with unpopular opinions did not exist, it would be not only necessary but desirable to invent them. I don't have trouble believing that the Votes for Women crowd in the US and England were attention-grabbing enough to start plenty of high school and dinner table conversations. But coronet players, banners and soapboxers on the streets of Charlottetown? Didn't happen, until I find out otherwise.

It serves me right for assuming Canadian politics would be anything like US and English politics, or that "ladies' club culture" would automatically equal "suffrage clubs everywhere."

SORRY, CANADA. I will fix the problem in the next few days and try to do better next time. Also, update tonight! You know, in case anyone is watching.

ETA: Relevant entries fixed, to some extent.

**what the heck, LJ Spellcheck, since when is "Maritimes" not a word? SINCE NEVER.


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