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Happy New Year: A Filler Post

I did / am doing my first Yuletide all wrong due to being at my parents' house and not paying sufficient attention, but I was still happy with the awesome story written for me by BooksAsFurniture ("Too Much Has Already Been Done" 1407 words, summary: Ilse has a swallow of whiskey to settle her stomach and we are suddenly and miraculously privy to her true opinions on everything. Relevant excerpt:

Imagine Evelyn Blake's face! She must never find out- But at the same time, she must, oh, she must, if only so that I might see that stupid, smug look on her face and laugh over it once her back is turned- Evelyn's self-satisfied condescension never fails to induce hilarity, and best of all the creature has no idea of how laughable she is. It'll bring her parsimonious wrath down on poor Emily though- 'Haven't you any authority over Ilse?' But seeing the shock on her face, the twist of disapproval, and underneath it all, the unmistakable irritation of someone who knows that, however respectable she may be, she'll never have any true adventures, no truly interesting experiences to define her existence! I'd almost pity her, but loyalty dictates that I must carry on despising her, and when it comes down to it, what's mercy to an enemy compared with loyalty to a friend?)


I was a flake and promised a longer assessment of the story in the comments, which I did not deliver and can't really deliver till I get home as I am on stolen computer time here, but anyway, it's awesome and I love it, more later.

I guess I'm supposed to post a thing about the story I wrote also? That will probably have to wait another couple of days, although I have to say I was slightly alarmed that the one Yuletide participant I know in RL somehow FOUND IT before the reveal even though I had not provided any clues as far as I can tell. pocketbookangel, do you have a Secret Highland Scotch Grandmother or am I just that obvious all the time?

In the near future: A more substantial post? Being away from home knocks the center out of me.


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Jan. 4th, 2012 02:44 am (UTC)
I would love to say it was psychic powers, but you told me you were writing about a song, so I did what any friend of yours would do: ctrl-f "Tori Amos."


I started to leave a really long comment on your story, but didn't because I wasn't 100% sure it was you.

Thanks to illness and my family being my family, I had a lot of time on Christmas day to sit around reading yuletide fics. I'm really glad I did yuletide this year because instead of moping and lamenting the amount of money I spent on my ticket, I was able to relax with lovely, Teddy-centric fluff. In fact, all of the fandoms I like had good stories.

(About what I wrote, the less said, the better. I became extremely ill on the flight from narita to lax, and was unable to do a post-upload edit like I'd planned. There are missing details, and large white space where I deleted a sex scene. I also misspelled a character's name, but I fixed that one. Did I learn not to wait until the last minute? Probably not.)
Jan. 6th, 2012 03:15 am (UTC)
you told me you were writing about a song, so I did what any friend of yours would do: ctrl-f "Tori Amos."

You know me too well.

I was pleased with your Teddyfic. One of my abandoned Grand Yuletide Plans was to write a surprise Teddy story for you, but I'm glad I didn't because what you actually got was much better than anything I could have come up with.

. . . I didn't get sick, but I did go through about eight rounds of "call up story using unreliable bus wi-fi, attempt to edit, lose connection and all changes" before I gave up. It was a valuable lesson about Not Procrastinating, but one I'm not all that confident will stick. :( deep frown.
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