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Chapter 65: A Plain Record

Italy stands the other side
While, like a guard between
The solemn Alps
The siren Alps
Forever intervene!

All right, let's get this show back on the road. Evelyn resolves to keep a less mopey and more factual diary, and sort of succeeds for a few days, in Chapter 65.

The Emily anime continues to be awesome, by the way. Episode 12, "The Only Poem in the World," is a mostly-original story that is completely in the spirit of the books. Emily sends a poem to the Reader's Corner of the Charlottetown Enterprise, and is so sure that it will be published the next week that she tells all her school friends and Mr. Carpenter. When it doesn't turn up, Jimmy buys up all the copies he can find of the Enterprise in a misguided attempt to spare her feelings. Later, Teddy helps Emily deal with her feelings. It's a great episode of a great series.

I bring it up, though, to share this with you. This is the text of Charlottetown no shinbun's Poetry Corner on the day Emily decides to become A Published Poet:

There is no excellent work this time, and only the fine work is published.

Thomas Stewart

The pillow is not guilty if
It is - person who uses the pillow. . . guilty
The small bird has not sung any longer
It is not. . . pillow. . .guilty though the flower
has not blossomed any longer either
It is man.. . guilty, and it is not the pillow. . .guilty
It is guilty in the flower that does not blossom though. . .wind breezes in deep
forest. . . green every day
The pillow is not guilty if
The sun glows if it dances, and the cloud shines
The life changes if it dances
The shadow changes if it dances
Mischevious of pillows of catnap in summer
It has the dreams of the amount all one's life
Spirits of the dead in the distant country begin to talk about your life.
All are acts of the pillow of the fairy.

Needless to say, I decided that the poetry of Thomas Stewart had to be incorporated into my fanfiction immediately.

Just for comparison, here is an actual poem published in the "Woman's Sphere" section of The Canadian Magazine, September 1904:

To A Young Lady

Sweet stream, that winds through yonder glade,
Apt emblem of a virtuous maid
Silent and chaste she steals along
Far from the world's gay, busy throng
With gentle yet prevailing force
Intent upon her destined course
Graceful and useful in all she does
Blessing and blest where'er she goes
Pure-bosomed as that watery grace
And Heaven reflected in her face.

To be fair, this was a poem by W. Cowper, eighteenth-century hymnist, and doubtless included more as a kind of Chicken Soup for the Soul fuzzy-feelings conduit than as an example of contemporary poetry. There was a lot more in that magazine, including enough dialect stories to make me feel mildly seasick for the next two days.


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