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Holy toast, this looks amazing

More lighthearted-fun-amazing than like genre-destroying-genius amazing or Kazuo Ishiguro trick-you-into-being-bored-and-then-punch-you-in-the-face-with-feels amazing, but the former is really more what I'm looking for in the immediate short term anyway.

It's called Fangirl. It's about a college freshman who writes Fanfiction Masterpieces. Do you know how much better off I would be now if I'd thought it was ok to write fanfiction when I was a college freshman? Probably a lot. I spent my entire adolescence trying to be a Serious Smart Person With Real Ideas and consequently learned nothing for a decade or more. Now I'm constantly having to go back to the beginning like Adam Sandler in one of those movies I never actually saw because I was too busy watching The Unbearable Lightness of Being and thinking I could wear hats.

This has been your Oversharing Book Recommendation for the month of October.


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Nov. 6th, 2013 09:39 am (UTC)
The fantasy of being a Very Important Writer was the only thing that kept me going in college - writing fanfic would have done me in. My ego is still bruised from the failure of a fic I posted back in 2005. 2005! "kind of boring" "too much tennis, not enough sex"

If AO3 had been around when I was starting to write, knowing that only 4% of readers liked my stories would have stopped me from writing any fiction.

I have given up on hats. Parasols. Parasols are the future.
Nov. 6th, 2013 05:13 pm (UTC)
WAY back when the internet was first becoming A Thing, my then-boyfriend had a spot on a for-pay webpage where he posted papers he'd written & some poems. There was some kind of click-based setup where you would get paid 1c for every unique reader (or something). He'd made like fifty dollars and gotten a ton of encouraging / grateful comments. I decided to jump on board this shiny new self-worth-affirming train with a couple of movie reviews I was really proud of. I'd written the kind of movie review I liked to read and I thought they were funny and thoughtful. It's entirely possible and even likely that they were neither. Anyway, I made 2c and got two comments. One was "In terms of a movie review, it's probably better to state clearly whether people should go see the movie instead of just rambling on and on about stuff no one cares about." The second was in energetic all-caps agreement with the first. I used to wish I could say that was my last attempt to make money from writing, but I guess I don't wish that anymore. I have a pretty reliable shame/defiance pendulum that just keeps swinging merrily away.

How do you even find out whether 4% of people like your stories on AO3? (This may not be information it is helpful for me to know).
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