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NaNo Goal Update!

So I went through my handwritten (and manual-typewriter written) NaNo miscellany finally and even with lots of rounding down it turns out I had a TON more written this month than I thought. In the spirit of Writing A Bunch of Words, I am going to try to finish up the month with 100,000 new words. In the meantime, I'm going to attempt to do some categorizing and sorting of what I have and maybe also try to type up the miscellany while I'm feeling energetic. Right now, there are three categories: New For November 2013 (the NaNo word count), old drafts (since this is a revived project, there are probably about 50 partial drafts lying around in various states of disarray) and notes, which could be anything from scenes that don't connect to anything to lengthy magazine-style interviews with the characters about what the problem is with all the other characters. Most of it is parts of run-on sentences strung together with question marks. Plus actual notes from research and whatnot.

The overlap between Old Drafts and New for November is pretty minimal, which is a good sign in some ways but also means that I will have to integrate it all into one massive mass of massivity at some point and I don't know how to do that.

Writing ridiculous quantities of words hasn't really been a problem for me. The problem is (1) keeping it up when I don't have a bunch of people encouraging me all the time, and (2) being focused enough to edit and rewrite.

The only purpose of this entry is to reiterate some things to myself, so it probably shouldn't be public. But it is public because without encouragement I wither up and blow away.



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