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Some newspapers of PEI

The archivists at the University of PEI are my new best friends. I went through their Timeline of PEI Papers and grabbed up all the ones still being published during the E. B. Diaries time period. Interestingly, the timeline records no new papers founded between 1902-1909 (though that doesn't mean there weren't any). Here are the links to where the scanned images will go, in that hoped-for future where there are scanned images:

The Guardian (1890-present)
The unstoppable juggernaut of PEI newspapers, at least in the sense that it's still in print. This one has scans! (it's the only one in this list that you can currently view online)

Prince Edward Island Farmer (1879-1947)
Beauty-destroying farm paper recklessly supporting implementation of everything that will ruin New Moon forever

Prince Edward Island Agruculturalist (1883-1949)
Another farm paper, published out of Summerside

Pownal Argus

Not period, but an example of a DIY hometown paper from 1885 (if they ever get around to scanning it). The handwritten Pownal Argus "printed essays, fiction, anecdotes and some local news. A horror story, an essay on Sir Walter Scott, an essay on the scenic beauty of Pownal and a letter supporting temperance were all included in the two issues which were published."

Telephone (1892)
Souris. Not period, no scans yet, but included in this list anyway for its awesome Name Of The Future.

L'Impartial (1893-1914)
French-language paper out of Tignish, defending Acadian culture against snooty Presbyterians everywhere.

Watchman (1890-1921)
A Catholic paper, during this period in the process of shifting from Conservative to nonpartisan to Liberal. What would your father say if he knew you were reading editorials by Papists!? Papists are scientifically proven to be the only thing worse than Dean.

Charlottetown Herald (1861-1923)
Anti-Confederation paper that fell to Papists in the 1870s

Prince of Wales College Observer
The second student paper from Prince of Wales College ("Queens College" in the LMM corpus). Last date of publication is uncertain.

The Daily Times (1901-1902)
"The Daily Times printed news, poetry, anecdotes and advertisements. Its editorials supported the Conservative party. The Daily Times ceased to be published on February 17, 1902 because one of its operators became ill, and no replacement could be found. The Daily Times was a sister paper of the Watchman."

The Examiner (1847-1915)
This long-running paper stopped printing fiction in the 1890s. Why do you hate art, Examiner?? It merged with the Guardian in 1915.

Weekly Examiner (1877-1915[?])
Weekly editon of the Examiner, which might still publish fiction in the 1900s (text is unclear). I am promised good local news coverage with plenty of club and society updates from rural communities, but no scans are availible yet.

The Patriot (1864-1995)
A Charlottetown paper with a long and complicated history, and no scans available yet. Has a weekly edition that published until 1909.

I just sent a guy an email asking how to find PEI bookstore inventories from 1900-1906, so I guess Project Revise Some Fanfic is back on.

ETA: The Morning Guardian (Sept. 2, 1902) is completely covered in advertisements that are visually indistinguishable from news items, in addition to the many advertisements that look like ads. I forgot how pervasive that used to be! "TO PREPARE LEMONADE is expensive and irksome. Soverign Lime Juice makes a tasty, delicious, inexpensive substitute." There's that headline to make it look like it's going to be a recipe, but nope, it's an ad; serves you right for wanting to prepare an old and busted drink like lemonade in the first place, Grandma

"There'll be some cases in the supreme court this term but not nearly as many as Senter, Mcleod and Co. opened this week. They opened 62 cases of Autumn Novelties, New Jackets, New Suites, New Millenry direct from New York. Beautiful Silks from London."

Whoops, I totally thought you were going to do some Supreme Court reporting there for a second; wouldn't that have been boring? Glad you dodged that bullet, 1902 Guardian!


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