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In re: Yuletide, impending arrival of

For the first time, I'm having a harder time figuring out what to request than what to offer. This year has been hazy and scattered in all directions, and for some reason I've accumulated a very large number of doughy new canons that I thought I was going to want Yuletide gifts for, but about which my feelings are still entirely too half-baked to make for decent prompts.

The only thing I know for sure that I'm going to request is Emily of New Moon, which is painfully predicatable, but what can you do? I'm inclined to request War and Peace again, but it feels like a big imposition on the only person I know will offer it, especially since my prompt would be basically the same. I loved Rome, but from Rome fanfic I only want two things, both of which are ridiculously specific and one of which is a crossover with Parks & Recreation. I'll probably definitely request the Gabrielle Aplin cover of "Best Song Ever" and maybe one other song.

Some other possibilities:

* The Day Boy and the Night Girl -- George MacDonald
* Goblin Market -- Christina Rossetti
* Black Books
* Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
* Narbonic (comics)
* misc. songs
* I, Claudius (borderline doughiness)
* Parks & Recreation

I'll figure it out at some point soon, I guess? I need to take a closer look at the tag set, but I also need to do a bunch of other things that are technically "more important" in order to "pay the bills."

ETA I'll probably just go super-minimal and copy-paste most of last year's letter?

ETA Haha, NOPE. I've already written so much text about the non-songs that I might actually not even request a song this year? That would be a first. And also, I need to trim all this text, jeeeeeeeez. >:(


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