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  •  Everyone sounds more or less Canadian, instead of vaguely British as they do in my head. By "more or less Canadian," I mostly mean "like Colleen Dewhurst in Anne of Green Gables."
  • Perry Miller is even more The Jaunty Bootblack, Or, Industry Rewarded than he is in the book, with pushed-out lips and a big ol' slouchy hat and tall tales of the hunger and depravity of Stovepipe Town told in cadences suspiciously like those of a child actor circa 1935. I hope the whole series turns out to be about him and his meteoric rise through Canadian politics, because I love Perry. 
  • There is a hilarious exchange between Perry and Aunt Elizabeth regarding Perry's inappropriate use of "bull" for "steer."
  • Douglas Starr is played by Michael Moriarty and is consequently tainted forever by my memories of early Law and Order.
  • Douglas Starr is given a lengthy backstory in which he is fired from his job at a college for punching out a local schoolteacher after the latter baits and then whips an adorable Indian boy, whom Douglas Starr subsequently undertakes to teach the alphabet (ending in zee rather than zed). Despite his extreme adorableness, the boy is given nothing to do but be grateful to Emily and illustrate how enlightened Douglas is for approximately ten minutes before he vanishes forever.
  • Contains the phrase "What is this place?"
  • Elizabeth Murray is notably crueler than in the book.  She throws Emily's cat (here called Pandora for no good reason) out of the carriage while Emily screams in despair. (The cat lives, but is threatened with drowning by Elizabeth when it shows up). 
  • The actor who plays Aunt Laura looks like a grown-up Luna Lovegood. Her eyes, however, are not "wells of blue."
  • The actor who plays Cousin Jimmy is pretty good.
  • Instances of Emily declaiming to everyone in earshot that she is going to be a famous writer are up 1000% and I'm only on Season 1, Episode 2. I did not think that was even possible. Will it even out over time, or escalate until the entire series turns out to be the very book you are holding in your hands, dear reader? Only time will tell.
  • In fact, Emily tries to run away from New Moon and is stopped at the railway station by Charles Dickens, who tells her that all good writing is based on personal experience and if she leaves her relatives now, she will never get such brilliant material again. I guess this is convincing if you are Emily.
  • Charles Dickens then turns out to be a figment of Emily's imagination or possibly a personification of the Creative Spirit, Habit-Forming Melodrama Division, which I suppose explains what he is doing alive and in Canada.
It might not be on YouTube for long, so catch it while you can: Episode 1

Episode 2



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