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 Episode 3 introduces Ilse, who is perfectly cast except for having way too much hair!

Wow, ten-year-olds are a lot more fun in book form than they are on film. Ilse is just great, though, and I like the design for Miss Brownell though it's a total cliche and (true to the book) she's given little to do but be a martinet.  Cousin Jimmy's character is necessarily darker by virtue of being played by an actor rather than described. I like this, though I sense it will be the source of much melodrama.

But why would the producers have ghosts appear in the Murray graveyard to tell Emily about themselves instead of letting Jimmy tell their stories? Poor Jimmy. Gain a little depth, lose 90% of your lines.  

Aunt Elizabeth continues to threaten to drown the cat, which continues to come back. 

The constraints of drama force Emily to be more extroverted than in the book.

. . .

In Episode 4, the Jaunty Bootblack is back and in fine form.  Emily is shocked to learn that, even in Canada on the cusp of the twentieth century, some people cannot read!  Then Miss Brownell has her moment in the sun.

Aw, pathos for Miss Brownell! Not only do her students not laugh at her mean jokes, she has to wear a horrible grey vest. But I just automatically feel sorry for Miss Brownell because she was made entirely of authorial revenge and to revenge shall she return  

The Actor Effect might mean that Teddy is a real person in the series! He says some misogynist things in a creepy soft voice and then tries to kiss Emily! Then Perry leaps to her rescue! PUNCH HIS LIGHTS OUT PERRY! Perry is the best ever.

But Emily of New Moon Television Series, why all the ghosts? Is this supposed to foreshadow Emily's psychic powers?

Emily has far too much difficulty knowing when to keep her mouth shut in this series. And Miss Brownell has a name-- May!  And Aunt Laura has a Secret Love from the Past who is not Alan Burnley!  Ilse continues to be awesome.  Teddy's not doing too well for himself, but there's time yet. Emily storms out of rooms a good deal, and Laura and Jimmy stand up for Perry.  But then we learn that. . .

. . .

. . .


See, Fred was her Secret Lost Love (that was one rapidly solved mystery, ETV) even though he was engaged to some lady who looks nothing like Luna Lovegood, and one day she went to see him in the very-soon-to-be-Disappointed House and begged him for one kiss, all Phantom of the Opera-like. Of course his fiancée walks in at exactly the right time.


Now Emily is trapped in the Disappointed House, all seeing ghosts and getting roofbeams on her head and freaking out, as one does. And Teddy sucks at rescuing girls from buildings, surprise, surprise.  Luckily, Perry is there to be jaunty and to wear an enormous hat.  

We learn the story of Fred Clifford and his fiancée, by the way, from ghosts that Emily sees by visiting said house. Later she gives the ghosts a letter from Aunt Laura explaining that it was all a horrible mistake, and they are Reconciled Beyond the Grave with lots of ghost-kissing. Really, that is exactly what happens on screen. They are swirling around in the etherfog like a TV movie Wuthering Heights. Emily is not just reconciling living people with their dead spouses, but getting estranged dead people back together, and it's only Episode 4!

I think that I will watch more of this show. If you would like to watch more of this show, you can find it here:

Episode 3 

Episode 4


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