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This year will go down in Yuletide history as the year I got a gift in every single one of my requested fandoms -- three in the main collection, two in Yuletide Madness. There was successful social climbing, underappreciated snake thespians, cross-cultural kindred spirituality, and the unauthorized use of a park after hours (which, as everyone knows, is the most romantic way to use a park). Whether by coincidence or design, not one of them had a summary longer than a sentence, and every one of them made my Yuletide. Thank you to all of my terse-summary-writing, awesome tiny-fandom-loving writers!

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Extract from the Memoirs of a Credit Snake
Gen, 693 words
Fandom: I Claudius, British Actor RPF
Summary: The stories some serpents could tell had they but world enough and time (and the ability to write)…

"And, let’s be honest, who was the real star of the show – who was the first character the audience saw each week? Moi, that’s who. I mean, they called it I, Claudius, but I think we all know what it was really about on a deeper level: the unending struggles of one snake against a world of cruel Roman tiles."

Ink of Many Days by Anonymous
F/M, 1186 words
Fandom: Emily of New Moon - L. M. Montgomery
Summary: Canada was every bit as beautiful as Kunihito Uchiwara dreamed it would be.

"He did not have the heart to tell them that seeing a church in Canada was not very much different than seeing a Western-style church in south Japan or that church politics was rather the same as village politics. What he gained on the journey fed his soul, but it was in form of moonrises over gentle Canadian hills and hearing the chirrups of foreign insects and not in prayer meetings.

Nothing prepared him for Emily Byrd Starr."

Now I Can't Remember by Anonymous
F/F 100 words
Fandom: The Best Song Ever - Gabrielle Aplin
Summary: It was the strangest thing.

"I found it, weeks afterwards. It was the strangest thing. My big brother had it, taped off the radio when he was maybe a year younger than I am now. It's that old."

Onwards to the Edge by Anonymous
F/F, 2430 words
Fandom: The Best Song Ever - Gabrielle Aplin
Summary: She said her name was Georgia Rose.

"Georgia makes her way into my room and grins before flopping down on the bed. She tosses her hair to one side and it’s like, god, I wish I had her hair. You know Taylor Swift? It’s like Taylor Swift’s hair, only not Taylor Swift’s hair now, but Taylor Swift’s hair five years ago. And brown. Brown with these blonde streaks in it. She has great hair, is all. I guess maybe I look at her a little too long, because when I pull my eyes away from her hair Georgia’s looking at me funny, her head cocked to the side. She has this look – and I know this look, because we’ve been best friends for like, five years – it is the look of 'Bree’s not going to want to do the thing but I am going to make Bree do the thing. And Bree will later love doing the thing and I will remind her of it over and over again for weeks.' ”

Win or Die by Anonymous
Gen, 4358 words
Fandom: Voyná i mir | War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy
Summary: In the end, [she] distilled everything to one wonderfully simple principle: win or die.

"Helene learned to tuck away the actual words people spoke the way she would only briefly notice the type of silverware used at dinner or the pattern on the tablecloth. She cared far more about the pauses and the hidden meanings, the intonations and subtle gestures of either pleasure or discomfort."

I also want to put in a good word for the fic I semi-beta-read: Electronic Books Unlimited. It's a Black Books / Hunting of the Snark crossover with hilariously correct character voices, canon-era future technology, and an appropriately desolate take on The Wonder of Books. I keep drifting back to re-read it, and it keeps making me laugh.

I don't know if I'll manage to get any other recs out before reveals, but I'm making it a New Year's resolution to read more of the archive this year and post a few recs by the end of January at the latest, which goes along with my resolution to be a better reader and freer with my recs in general.


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