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evelyn_b's Journal

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19 May
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"The second volume of a series, especially if it deals with a very young girl, is the hardest for me to write - because the public and the publisher won’t allow me to write of a young girl as she really is. One can write of children as they are; so my books about children are always good, but when you come to write of the ‘miss’ you have to depict a sweet insipid young thing - really a child grown older - to whom the basic realities of life and reactions to them are quite unknown."
--L.M. Montgomery, Letter to G. B. MacMillan, September 3, 1924

At one point this was a fanfiction journal, and maybe someday it will be again. Right now, it's mostly just tracking the books I read, including lots of detectives and Anthony Burgess' 99 favorite novels.

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